FC 355 Spider, Coupe or Targa Body Conversions
All photos are sole property of Fancy Cars 

 Spider body is available as shown below in our new stretched Fiero wheelbase version
or buy one for a stock wheelbase Fiero.

NOW AVAILABLE!! XT 360, FZ 55  Models, Interchangeable body panels,
different front clips, doors scoops, hardtops, hoods with lower rear exhaust valances,
and three headlight designs.
  FZ55 & XT360

Stock wheelbase on left, 3 inch stretched on right

New XT 360 side window design -- Factory Fiero wheelbase in photo FZ55 & XT360

FC 355 Spider Conversion

More photos link silver FC 355

Interior in these photos is for the Fiero Instrument cluster, We do have VDO pod setup as well.

FC 355 Coupe
Custom built for a Client in IN.

Pictures next to his dad's car

New body upgrades with split doors--- all redesigned body

Body conversion pricing: Spider $6900 Coupe or Targa $8900

Ron @ 218 773-7700