2012 Cadillac Escalade™ - Officially Licensed GM Product Elegant Cadillac Design... LSV Certified! The new 2014 CADILLAC ESCALADE™ Golf/Estate Vehicle will come fully equipped with 16" Chrome wheels, functional headlights, turn signal lights, and high visibility LED tail lights. Constructed on a rugged all aluminum I-beam chassis the car features a 4 wheel braking system that includes Trojan® Batteries, AC Drive System with a Sevcon controller, a computer controlled DeltaQ® on board charging system and a pre-wired 12 volt electric system to run the lighting system and any optional stereo or video systems.  Uncompromising Luxury...  With fine standard appointments such as a simulated Burlwood accented interior, the 2014 CADILLAC ESCALADE Golf/Estate Vehicle, is designed and to be the finest golf car available on the market. Other standard features include a color matched grill, locking simulated burlwood glove box, and chrome 16” Cadillac Escalade™ wheels. From project inception to development, we worked closely with Cadillac to construct the car with the meticulous detail that the 2012 CADILLAC ESCALADE™ Golf/Estate Vehicle commands and deserves. Available as a standard 4 seat model or an extended 6 seat or 8 seat Limo model’s that can only be licensed by Cadillac and can only be ordered from Cool Custom Cars.